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For a variety of reasons, you may have recently had a tooth extracted or you are missing a tooth. Some people may not see the importance of replacing the tooth or the value of an artificial replacement.

However, for your dental health and to preserve the functionality of your teeth and jaw, it is essential to replace a missing or extracted tooth.

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Why replace a Missing Tooth

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The missing teeth will have an impact on chewing, speech, occlusion and the appearance of a smile. The teeth next to the space left by the extracted or missing tooth, will move towards each other and try to fill the space, and the teeth antagonistic to the edentulous space will extrude. This occurrence results in partial deviation and crooked teeth, which are difficult to clean and maintain, and premature loss of these teeth due to gum problems and carious lesions.

Remplacement Options for
Missing Teeth

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- This option offers the patient a dental root (implant) on which a crown is cemented or fixed with a screw. An implant crown offers a complete structural replacement, preserves a large part of the functionality provided by the natural tooth and also has a realistic appearance.

Porcelain Bridge - This structure consists of two or more dental crowns and a false tooth. The bridge is supported by the natural teeth adjacent to the space left by the missing teeth. Once in place it is cemented and cannot be removed.

Partial Denture - The partial has a metal or colored plastic base approaching the gum color, much like a retainer, with false teeth attached. It rests on the patient's natural teeth and can be easily inserted and removed.

With the dental procedures and materials available today: , , and bridges and , it is easier than ever to obtain a beautiful and healthy smile, a smile that shows white and straight teeth; an Exquisite Smile.

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